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TouchTunes delivered another jukebox revolution with the Angelina jukebox. The wall-mounted music maker is updated with the latest modern technological advancements, making it a jukebox of the future, today. Simplified, modular components make service calls and repairs easier, while an innovative, four-color backlight makes the manageable, easy-to-install juke box big.

Music brings people together! TouchTunes offers hundreds of thousands of fully licensed songs, including all the classics, the latest hits, and new discoveries to choose from and share.

Control the music catalog! Advanced music filters allow each venue to customize the available music to match their own unique personality and vibe.

Curated playlists make finding the right music easy! TouchTunes’ expert music programmers curate a wide selection of music playlists to help users find the music they love.

Sophisticated algorithms and state-of-the-art lighting effects transform the jukebox experience and bring new textures to the rhythms and beats.

Innovative no-wire, component-to-component design with snap-in part replacement, minimizes service times, reduces inventory needs, and increases reliability and performance.


TouchTunes was inspired to name the jukebox Angelina in support of longtime customer Lou Miele's daughter of the same name, who died from cancer at 11 years old.


Location's can donate 1% of their jukebox profits to Angelina's Song and Virginia Amusements will match it.

To learn more about Angelina, visit

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