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Virginia Amusements is a licensed Queen of Virginia Operator and sells legal skill games to locations. Queen of Virginia Skill games are powered by Pace-O-Matic and manufactured by Miele Manufacturing. Miele Manufacturing only sells Queen of Virginia Skill Games to licensed operators. Queen of Virginia Skill is not a product for sale to the general public.


  • If you are a member of the media and seeking a comment about Queen of Virginia Skill Games, Virginia Amusements, or Miele Manufacturing, contact Michael Barley, Director of Communications at Pace-O-Matic.


  • Compliance complaints called in to Lou Miele, Thomas "T.J." Miele, or another team member may cause a delay in response. All compliance issues go through the PA Skill Compliance and Consumer Affairs Team.

  • For a violation to be handled, you'll need to make an official complaint using the proper channels.

  • Operators, locations, and players should contact the Compliance Team for prompt handling of compliance issues:

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